Advantages to Your Substitute Teachers

By working with MHED, substitute teachers will enjoy:

  • Extensive orientation, including a handbook customized for your district.
  • Weekly payroll for substitute teachers.
  • Retired teachers are not limited to the number of hours they can work in your district, since they are an employee of MHED.
  • We require extensive professional development for all substitute teachers in the areas of classroom management, teaching strategies, fill-in activities, professionalism, technology and special education.
  • MHED selects a substitute teacher of the month and year. Cash prizes are awarded.
  • We routinely provide our substitute teachers with vital resources to ensure they learn the latest classroom techniques and skills.
  • Substitute teachers may qualify for our health insurance, as well as 401(k) benefits.
  • By working with MHED, substitute teachers have an employer and are part of a team, allowing them to be career substitute teachers.
  • Opportunities for temporary summer employment