What Substitute Teachers are saying about working with MHED:

It was more organized than just working for a school district. MHED called me often to tell me about job openings. They were always polite and respectful. They were also appreciative for my help.

I thought the first year with MHED went very smoothly. I like the monthly newsletters. You are very easy to contact and communicate with and always friendly and helpful. I appreciate that you got us a raise in pay. Thank you for all your efforts to help and encourage.

Ashley has been great at working with me on my schedule, communicating subbing needs, and making working for MHED a comfortable and supportive experience.

I think MHED is a much better way to sub — more personable, informative and helpful than the sub finder system in other districts. I enjoyed the vast opportunities, variety and the ability to mainly choose to teach at the levels I liked the most. I also love the flexibility of substituting. Being able to easily navigate the site was beneficial in sharing ahead of time days I wasn’t able to work and looking ahead for days to work. Joni is one of MHED’s best assets. She was always there for me when I had a problem like my GPS quit working on the way to a new school. She was always helpful, friendly and polite.

I love the people because of their caring attitude, sometimes it feels as though you are talking to a long lost friend. The process is very unique and different from the old method; you allow time for subs to get to the schools so, the schools know approx. when your arrival will be. MHED takes the time to recognize and reward substitutes for jobs well-done and also provides tools and new ideas to aid substitutes in the classroom. I am more than appreciative for everything you’ve done for me to make 2014-15 a successful year. Thanks so much!!

Communication is excellent. I also appreciate the per hour increase for half-day jobs as an extra incentive to take them, and am thankful that providing information on preferences for certain types of classes and for particular schools is taken into consideration when certain jobs come up.

MHED provided good employee relations and fast communication. Ashley and Joni are super communicators, helpful, and easy to contact.

I like the convenience of Aesop. I like the single pay for multiple districts. I like having someone to call when questions arise about a job.

I like it when I call and there is someone that actually answers the phone and I don’t just have to leave a message. I also appreciate the positive encouragement and monthly newsletter with suggestions for subs on what to do with students. I also like it that MHED pays every Friday.

I liked going to different districts and different classrooms. It offered me a challenge that I needed and had not had in the last few years of teaching in my own room. I felt valued by Mrs. Kelsey. I felt like I was a professional and was treated as a professional by MHED.