Paul MurrayWhen Paul Murray first retired, his wife Marilyn could see that playing golf was not enough for him. She knew he needed to be helping people, so she encouraged him to do something else. That’s when he became a teacher.

But before he started working with children, Paul served his country. Joining the army in 1968, Paul was a Military Policeman stationed in Heidelberg, Germany for four years. His job was to work with the German police to enforce German laws, learning to speak German along the way.

It was in Germany that Paul met his eventual wife Marilyn. She had been traveling around Europe with friends when they got separated. She ran into Paul in Heidelberg and he helped her find a place to stay and took her out to dinner. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Marilyn spent a month waiting for her friends, finding out later that they too had met American military men. Like Marilyn, her friends ended up marrying the servicemen and the couples are all friends to this day.

Marilyn stayed in Germany while Paul finished his service, leaving for Chicago in 1972. Paul earned a degree from Loyola University and went to work for Wallace Business Forms, relocating to Atlanta before eventually opening an office in Kansas City. After only a year in Kansas City, Paul was asked to relocate once more. Not wanting to uproot his growing family again, Paul decided to quit and start his own company selling car magnets for various universities. The magnets, helmets with the college logos and colors, took off. After 17 years of owning his own business, Paul sold it and retired.

Paul wouldn’t stay retired for long. With a desire to help people, Paul entered the Kansas City Teaching Fellowship through the Kauffman Foundation to become a teacher.

At Wyandotte High School, Paul taught out of the box business classes. He would go on to earn several certifications and teach nine different subjects, including social studies, economics, computers and more. Through teaching, Paul discovered his passion for helping kids reach their potential. After 17 years of teaching, Paul retired once again. But Paul was not done helping kids succeed. He wanted to continue giving back to the kids that need his help, so he became a substitute teacher with MHED.

He loves seeing kids complete their goals and lead successful lives, staying in contact with many of his former students.

When Paul is not in the classroom, he is spending time with Marilyn, his three children, and grandchildren.

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