Becky Farabi joined MHED about a year ago, but has been an educator for over 35 years.

“I started as a Special Education teacher in the Independence, Missouri School District,” Becky said. “After a few years, I decided I wanted to focus on the teaching of reading, so I worked as a Title I Remedial Reading Teacher. I love watching students light up when they finally ‘break the code’ of printed text.”

After 10 years of teaching, Becky had a daughter and decided to take the year off from school. During that time, she became involved with the Parents as Teachers program in the Hickman Mills School District, eventually accepting a job as a part-time Parent Educator.

“I loved talking with new parents and sharing information about their child’s development.”

Becky ended up being a Parent Educator for five years until she had her son. It was around this same time that Becky decided her true passion was teaching elementary school students. She continued working in the Hickman Mills School District as a Special Education teacher and program director for various reading programs while completing her Elementary Administration degree.

Though Becky decided to retire in 2004, she knew her education career was far from over.

“My husband and I moved to Southern California to be closer to my daughter who was attending school.  I continued working in Special Education in Irvine, California for another 10 years.”

Then, in 2014, Becky retired again and moved back to the Kansas City area. A few years later, she joined MHED as a substitute teacher. She currently subs in the Bonner Springs, Desoto and Kansas City, KS school districts.

Her goal is to support special education teachers whenever they need to be away from their classrooms and students.

“I love elementary students, and my favorite area is special education.”

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