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Even though the school year has started, your brain may still be on summer break. Starting the new school year after a few months off can be a challenging transition, whether you’re new to the profession or a tenured vet. With this in mind, it’s worth reviewing some basic expectations for substitute teachers:


Dress the Part

The way you dress as a teacher can affect how you are perceived by students. That’s why it’s always best to dress in business casual attire.  Jeans, t-shirts, revealing clothing, flip flops or anything else you wouldn’t wear to an interview should be avoided in the classroom.

Business Casual for Men

  • Slacks or Khakis
  • Button-up dress shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • Short-sleeved polo shirt
  • Dress belt

Business Casual for Women

  • Dress pants or appropriate length skirt
  • Nice blouse or sweater
  • Conservative footwear
  • Simple or conservative jewelry


Stay off the cell

You don’t want students on their cell phones while you’re trying to teach, so set a good example by putting your cell away when class is in session. Even if there is some downtime during the period, and it may be tempting to quickly reply to a text or check your email while in class, it’s best to stay off your cell phone while students are present.


Be Careful What You Post

Even though the pitfalls of social media are well-known, teachers across the country are still finding themselves in hot water for something they posted online. Before you post something, whether it’s on your personal page, public page or a private group, make sure it’s not something that will get you in trouble. Never post anything disparaging about a district, school, teacher or other staff members on any social media platform. It’s a good idea to keep your accounts private and to not follow or friend any past or present students.


Handling Student Property

Cell phones and other mobile devices have become a real distraction in the classroom. And when you see a student on their phone in class, it can be tempting to take it until class is over. But to protect yourself from any liability, it’s best to call the office and have an administrator handle the situation if a student refuses to put their device away.


Looking for a substitute teaching job this year? MHED can help!

We are still looking for qualified substitute teachers for the 2016-2017 school year. If you’re interested, check out the requirements to be a substitute teacher in Kansas and Missouri, contact us for more information, or apply today!


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